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Pet & Pony 

Equine and Pet Supplies

Occupying two units in Yelverton's Business Park,  Pet & Pony has expanded to meet the wide range of requirements of our region's animal lovers - what a busy shop this often is !!


When they say "animals" they certainly include feeds and accessories for birds as well as horses, dogs, cats and small animals.


Very knowledgable about their products, Caroline and Andy Furse like to give a very personal service to their regular customers, and have a home delivery service for the larger feed packs, ideal for those who are unable to drive to their base in Crapstone.


Call in to see browse the well-stocked shelves, and talk with Andy, Ian or Caroline about anything that you cannot see - they will often be able to add your favourite pet food, bedding or animal health products to their next order.  


With daily deliveries arriving at the busy shop, you will not usually have long to wait for this very personal service.


In our parish full of animal lovers, this is a great service to have on our doorstep.



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