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WELCOME to the website for Outreach Magazine, the publication produced entirely by volunteers for the Parish of Buckland Monachorum.     Follow the links in the green "navigation" panel to find out more about our magazine, to download PDF copies and for further information about our Devon Parish.

The latest edition contains more details of how our church services have evolved as a consequence of COVID-19 policies.  Any printed magazine is out of date as soon as it goes to print, so for the very latest information, please see the Church website at www.bucklandchurchdevon.co.uk


Please send articles, news items, events planned for the months ahead and/or pictures to outreacheditor@outlook.com


St. Andrew's Church has an updated website, and all of the Church community activities, news and organisations can be found on www.bucklandchurchdevon.co.uk.


This website will soon be "retired" as it will have done its job whilst the St. Andrew's Church website was being developed.


Further copies of the Outreach magazine from 2021 will be available to download from the church site (link shown above).



The free-to-download copy of last month's issue is now available under the "Recent Copies" tab, above



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Outreach Magazine is a voluntary, not-for-profit publication which is available here in a digital version.


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