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WELCOME to the website for Outreach Magazine, the publication produced entirely by volunteers for the Parish of Buckland Monachorum.     Follow the links in the green "navigation" panel to find out more about our magazine, to download PDF copies and for further information about our Devon Parish.

Our September edition has been distributed around our villages and the next issue is the October edition.  The deadline for this issue is FRIDAY 15th September.


Please send articles, news items, events planned for the months ahead and/or pictures to editor@bucklandoutreach.co.uk.


HELP REQUIRED!!   Outreach will continue in 2018, as we are pleased to have new volunteers who are joining the team.   Diana Kilby is stepping down as Editor this year after editing issues for over 8 years.  Her husband Nick is still looking for a new person to look after Outreach Advertising.  Please call 01822 853671 if you would like more information.  


Calendar - what's on in our Parish

St. Andrew's Church has recently constructed a new website, and our Outreach editor is now updating the Church calendar, and has linked this below  It should appear here after a short delay.

Please send any additional dates to "editor@BucklandOutreach.co.uk" and please notify us if you notice any errors, or changes to future dates.

Hover over each date for more information, or click to see the entire calendar on the new Church website.   Many people who use Google or Apple calendars and other third-party online calendars will be able to link their computer or Smartphone to this calendar, and receive reminders daily.  Click the "Add" box below the calendar for more info.

Our community, despite being fairly small with just less than 900 households, has an exceptionally rich talent pool.  Most of the traditional skills can be found within our parish, and we encourage our community to support our near neighbours and their businesses.  For an extensive list of local trades and services, places to stay and places to quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger, click on one of  our links below.

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Outreach Magazine is a voluntary, not-for-profit publication which is available here in a digital version.


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